Emigrate from South Africa to the Netherlands

For a small country like the Netherlands, it sure does offer big opportunities! The Netherlands has developed a new taste in emigration, as it has emerged as a new frontrunner interest for South Africans to enhance and grow their careers. The Netherlands is known for its strong economy, excellent employment opportunities, inspiring cities, and highRead more ⟶

Setting up a Dutch company completely remotely

Setting up a Dutch company remotely Doing business in the Netherlands Setting up a Dutch company does not have to be a complicated procedure. CompanyNL is specialized in making sure that the process of establishing a Dutch company remotely runs smoothly and quickly. If you are planning to incorporate your own Dutch business, you mayRead more ⟶

To Be or Not to Be: Dutch Dividend Withholding Tax

To Be or Not to Be: Dutch Dividend Withholding Tax The new coalition agreement rocked the boat in the Netherlands. Especially the alleged abolishment of the Dutch dividend withholding tax made a wave. By abolishing this tax, government Rutte III hopes to attract more international entrepreneurs to the Netherlands. Even the renowned tv-host Lubach discussedRead more ⟶