Pricing of setting up a Dutch Company

CompanyNL is the incorporation service provider in the Netherlands. Our main focus is on setting up your Dutch BV. For more than 12 years we serve clients worldwide. We have an extended partner network of Tax Advisors, Accountants, Legal officers, Notaries and translators. To quote you the exact timeframe and price of setting up a Dutch company, use the quote buttons down below. Our service-minded and multilingual staff will help you through each step of the process. CompanyNL provides partnerships between Dutch business professionals and international businesses or individuals who want to start a business in the Netherlands.

The price of setting up a Dutch Company and of our services depends on the amount and type of shareholder(s) and on the time spend per incorporation. Please find an overview of our rates below.

Price of setting up a Dutch Company

Our incorporations prices are included with:

  • Preparing all legal documents
  • Translations from ENG/Dutch and Dutch/ENG
  • All notary fees
  • Chamber of commerce registration
  • Dutch VAT number
  • Incorporation
  • Professional assistance of our incorporation specialists throughout the process
  • Free of Charge introduction to our partner (network)
  • UBO registration
Price of setting up a Dutch company. Pricing for Virtual Offices provided by our CompanyNL partner network


“No rush, but please
make sure my company is
incorporated within a month.”

Ca. 3-4 weeks


“I am looking for a balance
between cost-effectiveness
and speed.’’

Ca. 2-3 weeks

Fast track

“This is the most comfortable and fastest way to incorporate. No need to travel, and established within 7 working days 1.’’

Timeline3, 4
Within 7 working days
Urgent video call identification

1 If the shareholder is a foreign legal entity, legalized documents will still be needed.
2 Exact price depends on the number and kind of shareholders.
3 Timeline: counted from receipt of documents to incorporation date.
4 It is possible to incorporate faster. Please let us know if this is necessary.

Pricing for Virtual Offices provided by our partner network

Amsterdam address: €950 ex VAT annually.
Amsterdam address: €289 ex VAT quarterly.

If you would prefer an address in another city please contact us.

If you want to know the exact price of setting up a Dutch company and how quick we can establish it for you contact us today

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