Popular subsidy programs in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of Europe’s leaders in innovation. Both our fiscal and political climate provide the right and attractive circumstances for innovation. Our entrepreneurs, and especially SMEs are developing new products, processes, software and services. At CompanyNL, we have knowledge of subsidy programs in the Netherlands and several funding schemes on a national, European and global level that stimulate R&D, investments in sustainability, international business and social projects.

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Popular funding programs

These are the most commonly used national and international funding schemes that entrepreneurs located in the Netherlands make use of to finance and accelerate their projects:

National projects and investments

  • The fiscal WBSO-program offers a reduction in wage tax based on the number of hours you put in R&D.
    • Funding: average € 29/hr
    • Percentage: 32-40% (2021: 40-50%)
  • The MIT program stimulates feasibility studies, contracted research and R&D collaborations between at least two independent Dutch SMEs.
    • Funding up to € 350.000
    • Percentage: 35-45%
  • The Eurostars offers to fund consortia of at least 2 SMEs from different countries that innovate products, processes or software with a potential rapid market introduction.
    • Funding: € 500.000 (for Dutch partners)
    • Percentage: 35-45%
  • The SLIM and MKBidee (SME Idea) stimulate learning and development initiatives of current and future workers in SMEs
    • Funding: € 25.000 – € 500.000
    • Percentage: 60-100%
  • The EIA and MIA are fiscal programs that offer an extra tax reduction based on investments in sustainability
    • Funding: up to 10% of the investment
  • The ISDE and SDE support investments in renewable energy.
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European R&D-projects

  • Small and medium enterprises can make use of the EIC instrument for scaling up their innovative business.
    • Funding R&D projects: € 2 mln
    • Percentage: 60%
  • The Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) program stimulates high risk – high gain disruptive innovation projects. These projects are executed by at least 3 different companies from different EU countries.
    • Funding: € 3 mln
    • Percentage: 70%
  • Eurostar’s funding is for market-oriented innovation that is being jointly developed by at least two SMEs from different European countries.
    • Funding for Dutch partner(s): € 500.000
    • Percentage NL: 35-45%
  • The Horizon Europe funding program contains multiple calls for innovations in specific thematic areas in which research and development is done in a consortium of at least three different partners from three different EU and partner countries.
    • Funding between € 2 mln en € 15 mln
    • Percentage: 60-80%
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Global export projects

  • DHI: funding for researching new market opportunities in different countries and for demonstrating your product in order to convince local clients to invest.
    • Funding: € 200.000
    • Percentage: 50%

Get started with your application

If you want to make use of the provided funding, it is key to start with your application as soon as possible. You can always contact us to discuss your project, help you find the right partners and write a successful application for you.

Curious about subsidy programs in the Netherlands and your opportunities?

At CompanyNL we can help you with research into matching funding schemes, grant applications, administrative support and a critical review or drafting of a business plan.

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