Open a Dutch Bank Account

CompanyNL’s Banking Solutions – Open a Dutch bank account without a Local Director

Your Dutch company must hold one or more bank accounts, depending on your preference and needs. In a world dominated by compliance rules, regulations, and specific requirements it is not always easy to set up a Dutch bank account. We can help you with this process or we can connect you to one of our banking partners.

Strict compliance with traditional banking

All banks in the Netherlands have strict compliance rules. They need to feel comfortable with your company as their client. This means that banks require a clear business plan and, if available, previous records from the company as proof of eligibility. In addition to that, they will want to know where your suppliers and clients are. Due to the course of the pandemic, regulations and requirements have become stricter as to what companies need to open a traditional bank account.

Dutch director or Shareholder

All traditional Dutch bank accounts such as ABN AmroING, and Rabobank always require a Dutch director or shareholder holding a Dutch BSN (Citizen Service Number) this can be a problem for many companies who are setting up in the Netherlands. CompanyNL can help you with this problem.

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Open a Dutch Bank Account
CompanyNL’s Banking Solutions – Set up a Dutch bank account without a Local Director

CompanyNL’s Banking Solutions

We have several solutions for you:

  • CompanyNL can help you find a local director via one of our external partners.
  • We offer a digital banking solution with one of our partners which is founded under Barclays Bank and provides 6 different European IBAN numbers furthermore they give you the opportunity to set up an international bank account with up to 40+ different currencies to choose from.
  • Other digital banking solutions upon referral.
Open a Dutch Bank Account CompanyNL’s Banking Solutions – Set up a Dutch bank account without a Local Director

Our process consists of a few simple steps:

  • We will investigate your banking needs and requirements.
  • We will arrange an introduction within our banking network.
  • Depending on which bank or option is chosen, we will ask your company to provide us with the required information to fill in the application to request a bank account. The completion of the account can take 5-25 working days. CompanyNL cannot guarantee this.

We have a wide network of banking partnerships and professionals in the Netherlands, the majority of the EU countries, Switzerland, UK, Turkey, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Do I need to come to the Netherlands?

No. CompanyNL will be responsible for undergoing all operations remotely. Physical attendance is not necessary, to open a Dutch bank account for your company.

Other banking services

Are you interested in foreign bank accounts? Our network allows us to reach out to banking professionals all around Europe! Switzerland, Lithuania, and UK are commonly requested. Contact us for tailor-made advice.

Why choose us, to open a Dutch bank account for you?

With years of experience with banks and clients, we know what the most suitable bank account for your case would be. Additionally, we are able to fix the gaps found in your case in order to be able to set up your desired banking option. Our wide network of professionals has resulted in us coming to a decision that will satisfy you with specific requirements and complicated requests. We are happy to assist you!

Let us open a Dutch bank account for you!


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