Obtain a Dutch Resident and Work permit – with DTS Expat

At CompanyNL we quite often receive questions from our clients about Dutch residence and work permits. Also, we very often receive requests from people who want to set up their business in the Netherlands and want to employ their staff in the Netherlands.

Our business partner DTS Expat offers a payroll solution for Highly Skilled Migrants (kennismigrant) which makes it possible to provide people outside the EU with a residence and work permit in the Netherlands. Keep reading to learn more about payroll solutions and HSM.

Recognized Sponsor – DTS Expat

DTS Expat qualifies as a recognized sponsor in the Netherlands, which is necessary to employ Highly Skilled Migrants. In case you qualify as a Highly Skilled Migrant (kennismigrant) DTS Expat can offer you their payroll service and provide you with a Dutch resident and work permit.

Do you or your employees qualify as a Highly Skilled Migrant (kennismigrant)?

Qualifying as a Highly Skilled Migrant does have the following requirements:

  • Minimum Salary:
  1. Minimum salary of EUR 4.840 (2022 amount) gross per month for people 30 years and older; or
  2. Minimum salary of EUR 3.549 (2022 amount) gross per month for people below 30 years old;
  • Employed by a recognized sponsor (DTS Expat): The employer needs to be qualified as a recognized sponsor by the Dutch authorities. DTS Expat is a recognized sponsor;
  • Careful recruitment procedure: The employee needs to be hired through a careful recruitment procedure. DTS Expat can assist you with that.

If you or your employee qualify as a Highly Skilled Migrant (kennismigrant) , DTS Expat can do the application for your Dutch work and resident permit. During the application procedure, it might be possible to enter the Netherland on a temporary authorization.

Dutch tax benefit for Highly Skilled Migrants – Dutch 30% ruling

In most cases, a Highly Skilled Migrant can also qualify for the Dutch 30% ruling. This Dutch 30% ruling does have several Dutch tax benefits. One of the main benefits of the beneficial Dutch tax regime is that 30% of the gross salary can be paid out without taxation to the employee. This increases the net salary for the Highly Skilled Migrant (kennismigrant) significantly.

Are you interested to enter the Netherlands as a Highly Skilled migrant or are you planning to hire employees from outside the EU? Please contact us and we are happy to discuss if it is possible for you to enter the Netherland as a Highly Skilled Migrant.

How do I start working in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is consistently growing and building a wider international hub. This welcomes warm changes in the Netherlands. Part of growing the intercultural sector is easing the process for Highly Skilled Migrants to start working. HSM can start temporary work for a total period of 4 months without having ownership of an endorsement sticker and/or residency permit. However, this is an exception for those who fall under these conditions:

  • The Highly Skilled Migrant can provide a letter of approval from the Immigration and Naturalization (IND)
  • The Highly Skilled Migrant can prove that a biometrics appointment is made within two weeks after receiving the approval letter. The biometrics is the first step taken to have a residency card issued.

In any case, you will be questioned further by the IND, please ensure that you have the following documents ready:

  • Copy of approval letter from the IND;
  • Confirmation email/letter of the biometrics appointment;
  • Confirmation of appointment to have a residency card issued.

Feel free to contact us below for a personal appointment. Questions and further points of discussion can be done by reaching out to CompanyNL!


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