Netherlands company register

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Hendrik-Jan van Duijn ~ DTS Duijn's Tax Solutions. ~ Founder of CompanyNL

Hendrik-Jan van Duijn ~ DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions. ~ Founder of CompanyNL.

For the last 11 years, my company, colleagues, and myself, Hendrik Jan, have been leading the organization in helping and guiding you, our client, in setting up a Dutch B.V. 100% completely remotely, no travelling necessary.

CompanyNL - Start your Dutch Company
Netherlands company register

Netherlands company register

Are you interested to register your company in Netherlands? Do you need help to register your company in Netherlands by a trusted firm, which will help you with every step? Are you facing challenges while trying to register your company in Netherlands? You have reached the right place with the right firm!

CompanyNL has built up great knowledge and experience how to swiftly register a company in Netherlands for numerous clients. Besides help with the registration, our mission is to provide partnerships between Dutch professionals and international businesses.

We strive to make the process of incorporating and running a business under Dutch law easier. Furthermore, we minimize for you the need to travel, as our firm can arrange remote incorporation and compliance. In case you do need to travel to our country, we can assist with travel permits and such.

Netherlands company register with Company NL

Netherlands business registered with Company NL

What does CompanyNL do for your firm, next to assisting to register your company in Netherlands? We screen and review business advisors in Netherlands and we find competitive rates. By exploring possibilities about these tariffs, we do not lose sight of quality. We make it a point in our firm to offer you fast and personal service.

You will always have a permanent contact person who is completely up to date with your file. In our eyes, this is the only way a firm can be a reliable partner for all Dutch business needs. The process to register your company in Netherlands can be quickly explained.

The first thing you do is to choose an appropriate name for your company and decide which company form will be best for you. Most international entrepreneurs choose the Dutch limited liability company, LLC in short, BV in Dutch (Besloten Vennootschap). It operates as a financing, holding or royalty entity and it can be implemented in international structures. A benefit is that a LLC or BV is the legal restriction the private liability entails. The company itself is considered a legal person and therefore, only assets of the BV itself can be subjected to claims. This reduces the liability for the director or shareholders significantly.

Once you have decided on the shareholders and the amount of the share capital, you need to get a real or virtual address in Netherlands. Following is the registration at the Chamber of Commerce, to open a Dutch bank account and acquire tax numbers, which are needed for the Dutch authorities. With the assist of CompanyNL it is easy to comfortably settle your company in Netherlands.

CompanyNL - Start your Dutch Company

Netherlands business register – discover our services

By offering our services we make it easy for you to have your business registered in the Netherlands company register. We not only make sure you can set up your company in the Netherlands without much effort, but we can also provide you with a range of other services, such as to draft and submit your annual legal reports. All necessary matters in the Netherlands will be properly arranged when you start doing business with CompanyNL. Of course quality is of the utmost importance to us when we take care of your affairs. Are you wondering what we could do for your company? Please feel free to browse our website or contact one of our advisers. We look forward to receiving your response.

CompanyNL will establish your new company 100% remotely, with no travelling necessary

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