Doing business in The Netherlands in a nutshell:

How much does it cost to set up my company in the Netherlands?

The costs for setting up a Dutch company depend on the number and type of shareholders (individuals/companies) the company will have. If you already know the shareholding structure of your company, you can request an accurate fee quote from us. This quote will include all mandatory translation into English, notary costs, and all-time spent.

How long does it take to set up my company in the Netherlands?

Normally it will take up to 10 to 14 working days for your company to be fully registered. With our express incorporation, we will be able to incorporate the company between 5 to 7 working days.

Can I incorporate a limited liability company (BV) without visiting The Netherlands?

Yes, you can set up a Dutch BV remotely, without visiting The Netherlands. There is no need to travel.

Is CompanyNL still active during the corona crisis?

Yes, our operations have not been affected, and we can work as efficiently as before. Note again that there is no need to travel to be able to incorporate a company of foundation in the Netherlands.

Can a Dutch BV have shares without profit rights or voting rights?

Yes, it is possible to separate the profit right from the voting right. However, every share must have a profit right or a voting right. You cannot take away both rights simultaneously from one share.

Can we do business in The Netherlands while the process of incorporation is still ongoing?

Yes.  If you want to do business immediately, you can use the term ‘’i.o.’’ (in Dutch: in oprichting). This means that the formation of your company is not yet complete yet. However, you can already act in the name of your company.

What is the amount of the required share capital to set up a limited company?

Since the new regulation, the minimum is EUR 0,01. Before this new norm, the standard was EUR 18.000.

Can a Dutch BV be incorporated with only one shareholder?

Yes, there is only one incorporator required. In particular, the incorporator can be either a legal entity or an individual. At the same time, the sole incorporator can also make up the full Board of Management.

How do I open a Dutch bank account?

To open a bank account, you must be in possession of a Dutch Chamber of Commerce number. We can assist you with the application, of course.

Do I need a physical office to register my company?

This is an especially relevant question.  You must have an address in The Netherlands to register your company at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK). A virtual office can also be sufficient for registration purposes.  We collaborate with partners who can provide you with a virtual office.  Of course, a physical office will always suffice as a registration address!

Do you have to reside in the Netherlands to open a Dutch Company?

No, you do not have to reside in the Netherlands to open a Dutch company. Both the directors and shareholders can reside outside of the Netherlands. However, for substance purposes, it may be helpful to reside in the Netherlands. If you wish to come to the Netherlands, we can always investigate the options for you.

Is it required to have a Dutch bank account?

It is not a legal requirement for a Dutch company to have a Dutch bank account. However, having one is one of the ‘substance’ indications used by the Dutch Tax Authorities to determine tax residency. This means that companies with a Dutch bank account can access Dutch tax benefits and Dutch tax treaties.

Do we need a Dutch director?

No, you do not need a Dutch director. However, from a substance perspective, this might be useful. If this is desired, we can help find employees who might be able to manage the company in the Netherlands.

Do we have to get VAT registered in the Netherlands?

This depends on the activities you are planning to carry out. Depending on these activities you will automatically receive a VAT number. If the tax authorities do not grant you a VAT number automatically, we can request one for you.

Do you help with an EORI number?

Yes, we can request this from the tax authorities from you

What is the Corporate Income Tax rate?

The rate for Corporate Income Tax (CIT) in the Netherlands depends on the profits of your company. If the taxable amount is less than EUR 200.000, the tax rate is 20%. In contrast, the Dutch Corporate Income Tax rate is 25% for taxable amounts which exceed EUR 200.000. Would you like to know more about the Dutch Corporate Income Tax? If so, please click here.

Do you do residence visas/permits?

We don’t apply for residence permits/business visas ourselves, but we can help you with your legal formalities by finding you the right immigration office.

Can you assist with the employee registration and payroll services?

Yes, we can assist with the onboarding of employees and can provide payroll services.

Can you assist with compliance requirements for the BV?

Yes, our team consists of tax advisors. We can assist with the bookkeeping, Corporate Income Tax Returns, Quarterly VAT Returns and the preparation of annual accounts.

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