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Hendrik-Jan van Duijn ~ DTS Duijn's Tax Solutions. ~ Founder of CompanyNL

Hendrik-Jan van Duijn ~ DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions. ~ Founder of CompanyNL.

For the last 11 years, my company, colleagues, and myself, Hendrik Jan, have been leading the organization in helping and guiding you, our client, in setting up a Dutch B.V. 100% completely remotely, no travelling necessary.

CompanyNL - Start your Dutch Company
Need a Dutch company Amsterdam?

Need a Dutch company Amsterdam?

Are you looking for a Dutch company Amsterdam? Is it your dream to set up your company in Amsterdam? Company NL can offer you support and guidance.

Setting up a Dutch company Amsterdam can be difficult, especially if you plan to do so from abroad. Although the Netherlands may be a foreign country for you, we’re completely at home here, and will gladly help you set up your company in Amsterdam.

There are various aspects to this process that differ from the processes in your native country and of which you might not be aware. We can help you in this. We will create a checklist for things to look out for when establishing a company in the Netherlands. It is crucial to obtain the right advice at every step of the way.

Amsterdam is a popular location among entrepreneurs. It is a highly generous place for them to pursue their business ambitions.

The entire registration process consists of more than just filling out paperwork. We at Company NL will help you to register your Dutch company Amsterdam without any problems.

CompanyNL - Start your Dutch Company
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Dutch company Amsterdam: the procedure

Need a Dutch company Amsterdam? If you as a foreigner want to start a company in the Netherlands, you only need to register your registered enterprise with the Dutch Tax Authority.

The next step is to come up with a unique and suitable name for your company, so that you can register your company with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. We have different experts who can be of service in finding a fitting and captivating name for your company.

After having decided on the name, you need to choose the proper legal structure – such as a one-man business, limited company (naamloze vennootschap), private company (besloten vennootschap), or another structure – for your company.

These days, we also provide online support for the registration process. You can fill out a form with your personal details online. The Chamber of Commerce is usually the place where you register your company. Under special circumstances, you can also register separately with the Dutch Tax Authority.

CompanyNL - Start your Dutch Company

Establish your new business in Amsterdam with Company NL

The process may sound incredibly complicated, but we’ve been active in the field of assisting setting up a Dutch company Amsterdam for years. None of this is difficult for us. We will gladly help you register your company in Amsterdam. We will unburden you completely. This means we will take care of matters from start to finish for you. From finding a place to establish your business to filling out all the required forms for registration. We will devote ourselves to the process completely, ensuring your company in the Netherlands becomes a success.

CompanyNL will establish your new company 100% remotely, with no travelling necessary


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