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Hendrik-Jan van Duijn ~ DTS Duijn's Tax Solutions. ~ Founder of CompanyNL

Hendrik-Jan van Duijn ~ DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions. ~ Founder of CompanyNL.

For the last 11 years, my company, colleagues, and myself, Hendrik Jan, have been leading the organization in helping and guiding you, our client, in setting up a Dutch B.V. 100% completely remotely, no travelling necessary.

CompanyNL - Start your Dutch Company
Company registration Netherlands with CompanyNL

Company registration Netherlands with CompanyNL

Are you looking into the matter of company registration Netherlands? Are you interested but not familiar how to go about company registration Netherlands? Preferably you would want a reliable partner on your side when you go ahead with company registration in Netherlands.

CompanyNL is that right partner you are looking for! For years we have assisted foreign companies with company registration in Holland and our knowledge is extensive. Many companies from abroad were successful in launching a new company here in our country with our help of our firm. 

Over the years we have specialised in building bridges between Dutch business professionals and international businesses. We initiate partnerships between specialised notaries and international companies, who benefit greatly from these relations.

We understand it can seem difficult or complicated to realise a Dutch company registration, however, we will show you it can actually be done with ease and comfort. Our team members, each with their own specialisation, can have your company registration Netherlands completed in a short amount of time.

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Steps of establishing a Dutch company

The first thing we would advise you is to complete your company registration Netherlands in the business model of a Dutch BV. A Dutch BV is the Dutch version of the limited liability company and it is the business model most used in Netherlands.

Because we highly value personal contact with our clients, we make sure you will have a permanent contact in our firm during the time of our company registration Netherlands. Your contact is always up to date with your process, will be there every step of the way and will always answer your questions quickly. He or she will assist you with the necessary registration steps, such as choosing a name for your new company, make a decision about shareholders and shares capital, obtain a notary and get an address for registration of your company in Netherlands.

You will also need to be registered at the Chamber of Commerce, get a bank account and then get Dutch tax numbers with the Dutch Tax Office. We realise that our new clients can get overwhelmed when they read the above, but we can assure you that we have everything under control.

You could be opening your new company as quick as within two weeks. Do not hesitate to reach out to us by e-mail or by phone. We will be more than happy to answer your questions or provide you with more information!

CompanyNL - Start your Dutch Company

Company registration in Holland with CompanyNL

Would you like to know more about company registration Netherlands? Are you curious what we can do for you and your company? You can always take a look at our website or contact one of our employees. Quality is of paramount importance to us. You will notice this by our short lines of communication and clear information. We are your reliable partner for all your business activities in the Netherlands. Are you curious what we can do for you and your company? You can contact us without obligation. We will gladly tell you more about the possibilities of registering your company in the Netherlands. We look forward to receiving your request.

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