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Hendrik-Jan van Duijn ~ DTS Duijn's Tax Solutions. ~ Founder of CompanyNL

Hendrik-Jan van Duijn ~ DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions. ~ Founder of CompanyNL.

For the last 11 years, my company, colleagues, and myself, Hendrik Jan, have been leading the organization in helping and guiding you, our client, in setting up a Dutch B.V. 100% completely remotely, no travelling necessary.

CompanyNL - Start your Dutch Company
Setting up a BV company Netherlands with CompanyNL

Setting up a BV company in Holland with CompanyNL

When you are looking for a reliable and experienced company to help you set up a BV company in Holland, CompanyNL is the right advisor.

CompanyNL is a well-known company, that brings extensive knowledge and experience to the table, which will make setting up a BV company Netherlands an easy and quick process. Within no time they have guided you through all the necessary steps, so you can establish your company comfortably and operate your professional business in the Netherlands smoothly. 

The advisors at Company NL will take care of registration at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce Register and will also help you with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

BV company Netherlands or private limited liability company

BV company in the Netherlands or private limited liability company

A private limited liability company, or in Dutch called a BV company, has a business structure with a legal personality. In general, this means that a BV company in the Netherlands is liable for any debts, instead of you as a person. In fact, you are owner and employee simultaneously: as owner, you are an employee of the BV company in the Netherlands and operate on its behalf.

There are other types of business models in the Netherlands, although most foreigners choose to set up a BV company Netherlands, in that case, one is not required to be a permanent citizen of the Netherlands. CompanyNL can, in that case, take care of the registration of your incorporated business with the Chamber of Commerce and Dutch Tax. 

If, however, you are not a European citizen and do need to live in the Netherlands in order to operate your business, CompanyNL will help you obtain a start-up visa or a permanent residency.

CompanyNL - Start your Dutch Company

Personal contact while setting up a BV company in the Netherlands

Once you have decided on an original name for your bv company Netherlands, which should be applicable and is not being used by any other local business, decide on your shareholders, write down the company goals and get an address for your company, your personal advisor will start up all actions for registration, legal formalities, and if necessary, the notary paperwork. CompanyNL stresses on the fact that they maintain personal relationships with their clients and therefore, all clients have their own contact person, who is fully informed on your bv company Netherlands. With their years of long lasting professional relationships with the local authorities, you will find working with CompanyNL while setting up your BV company Netherlands very pleasant and worthwhile. We can also act as a intermediary between Dutch advisors and companies abroad.

CompanyNL will establish your new company 100% remotely, with no travelling necessary

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