Obtain a Dutch Resident and Work permit – with DTS Expat

Obtain a Dutch Resident and Work permit – with DTS Expat At CompanyNL we quite often receive questions from our clients about Dutch residence and work permits. Also, we very often receive requests from people who want to set up their business in the Netherlands and want to employ their staff in the Netherlands. OurRead more ⟶

Emigrate from South Africa to the Netherlands

For a small country like the Netherlands, it sure does offer big opportunities! The Netherlands has developed a new taste in emigration, as it has emerged as a new frontrunner interest for South Africans to enhance and grow their careers. The Netherlands is known for its strong economy, excellent employment opportunities, inspiring cities, and highRead more ⟶

Issue your Transfer of Shares with us!

Thinking about transferring shares within your Dutch company? Keep reading to know more about the transfer of your Dutch B.V.’s shares. The transfer of shares for a registered B.V. must adhere to the stringent legal protocol in the Netherlands and shares must be issued to either an individual or a legal entity. Initially, the procedureRead more ⟶