30 minutes Dutch Tax Consult

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30 minutes Dutch Tax Consult

Schedule a call with our Tax consultant to find out which Tax benefits there are when starting your business in the Netherlands. Be well prepared and avoid unwanted surprises. 30 minutes consult with our business partner DuijnTaxSolutions € 125,00 ex VAT

30 min. Dutch tax consult

30 min. Dutch tax consult
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  • Full tax exemption for income coming from foreign subsidiaries. The so-called participation exemption allows tax waiver for eligible capital gains and dividends if the Dutch holding owns at least five per cent of the subsidiary.
  • The special tax regime for innovation where profits from qualifying intangible assets are taxed at a rate of 7 per cent.
  • The Dutch investment treaty network is among the most extensive in the world. The network protects investors from expropriation and guarantees that they will be treated in the same way as domestic or third-country investors.
  • Reductions of the withholding tax on dividends, royalties and interests paid to Dutch companies and excludes from taxation the majority of capital gains obtained from share sales in source jurisdictions.
  • Tax exemption for income, coming from international permanent offices of Dutch companies and tax-effective profit repatriation.
  • Option to establish a consolidated group/fiscal unity allowing consolidated taxation.
  • Possibility to defer taxes on gains from the sale of business assets.
  • Reduction of withholding tax on transactions between related firms.
Dutch Tax Consult
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  • 96% of Dutch people speak English as a second language.
  • 1000+ Grants programs for new businesses.
  • 36.000.000 Tourists a Year.
  • 12.50 Euro per hour minimum wage.
  • AAA+ Triple A Rating.
  • No 2. The economy of Europe.
  • No 16th Economy of the World.
  • 17.500.000 Potential buyers.
  • 14.000.000 Dutch buyers shop online.
  • No 2. In Europe Logistics connections within the EU.
  • 1.3% inflation Yearly.

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